New Patients

New Patients

Partners in Pediatrics is accepting new patients and their siblings at this time.

Our Approach: Integrated and Holistic Health Care

Each of our providers received their primary medical training in conventional medical schools. We recognize both the strengths and weaknesses of conventional approaches to illness and wellness. We therefore believe that optimal care combines conventional medicine with complementary and alternative therapies, thus "integrating" health care. Holistic care implies a "big picture" approach that honors the mental and spiritual impacts on physical health and looks to address the root of problems rather than simply treating symptoms as they arise. This combination is a powerful and positive trend in healthcare and it is how we have been practicing for many years.

New Patient Forms

Kindly print and complete the following forms prior to your first appointment and bring them with you to the appointment. 

Insurance Update

Dear Families:

Insurance coverage changes constantly and we wanted to inform you of two significant areas that might help you understand the billing process in advance of your visit today.


If you should choose an alternate vaccine schedule for your child, please be aware that your insurance company may not reimburse you for the vaccinations if they are not done at the same time that the “well care visit” is performed. You may be charged a copay for returning, and in many cases they do not pay for the vaccine administration fee or even the vaccine itself. In all cases, whatever the insurance company does not pay for on your return visit for vaccinations will be your responsibility. We encourage all families to know as much as they can about their insurance plan, so please check with your insurance plan before proceeding.

The second issue arises from insurance coverage of sick care visits done during a routinely scheduled “well child care” examination. It has always been an acceptable billing practice for physicians to bill for “illness” related evaluations which are done during a routine well exam. For example, if your child has been suffering from migraine headaches and you ask about them at the well exam, depending on the degree of evaluation involved, we may bill for the evaluation as a separate insurance event. We are often willing to do a limited sick evaluation, e.g., an ear infection at a well care without billing for it. However, at the discretion of the provider, we reserve the right to bill for our time if the complexity or time spent warrants it. This is not a new billing procedure. What is new is that, depending on your insurance plan, this visit may fall under a deductible or co-insurance, which would then be your responsibility. Please be mindful of this process when planning your “well child care” visits. 
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