Ages and Stages

Ages & Stages

You all know that during the first five years of your child’s life we ask specific questions about his/her development. For many years our practice has used the Denver- II developmental screening instrument during well care visits to monitor your child’s development and to identify any developmental delays. As of April 2012 we have made a change to a new format which has even greater accuracy. It is called  Ages and Stages . The Ages and Stages Questionnaires will help us identify more precisely any delays or problems with your child’s development, and thus direct us to make appropriate recommendations and referrals, if needed. You will see this put into action during all regularly scheduled well care visits up to age 5.

If you would like more information about Ages and Stages, please go to their web site where there is an extensive amount of information for you to review. The Ages and Stages web site is at:

Ages & Stages Website
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