About Our Practice

 About our Practice

Our practice was formed in 1977, with the primary goal of providing the highest quality and most comprehensive pediatric health care available in a private-practice setting. We believe that the growth of our practice and its good reputation are due largely to our sincere commitment to sensitively serve those families who allow us this special opportunity. We are dedicated to the ideal that our medical profession is, and should be, a "service profession." 

Our Vision of Service

  • First, we try to make ourselves as accessible as possible. We offer convenient office hours; prompt and direct emergency service after hours, either by phone or in person; and a commitment to minimize your waiting time in our office. 
  • Second, we serve you by providing comprehensive parent education in all aspects of well-child care and sick-child care.
  • Third, we serve you by making our office a warm, comfortable, happy and friendly environment in which your children can learn to enjoy receiving their health care.
  • Lastly, we serve you by caring about your needs. We are always open to your suggestions about how we may improve our services. All comments and suggestions are taken seriously. Moreover, the dialogue this creates allows us to identify problems and reach a mutually harmonious resolution.

We are a Group Practice

This means that we each share in the care of all our patients. This enables the patient and family an opportunity to develop a strong partnership with all of us. Since only the health-care providers in our group take night call for our practice, you will not speak to unfamiliar providers in an urgent or after-hours setting.

Integrated and Holistic Health Care

Each of our providers received their primary medical training in conventional medical schools. We recognize both the strengths and weaknesses of conventional approaches to illness and wellness. We therefore believe that optimal care combines conventional medicine with complementary and alternative therapies, thus "integrating" health care. Holistic care implies a "big picture" approach that honors the mental and spiritual impacts on physical health and looks to address the root of problems rather than simply treating symptoms as they arise. This combination is a powerful and positive trend in healthcare and it is how we have been practicing for many years.

Ages & Stages

You all know that during the first five years of your child’s life we have asked specific questions about his/her development. For many years our practice has used the Denver- II developmental screening instrument during well care visits to monitor your child’s development and to identify any developmental delays. As of April 2012 we have made a change to a new format which has even greater accuracy. It is called Ages and Stages. Read more

Our Mission Statement
Partners in Pediatrics is a unique partnership of patients, parents, and health care providers. We exist to provide the finest holistic and preventive pediatric care for the children of our community. We strive to empower families to make healthy decisions for the optimal well-being of their children, by providing extraordinary communication, outstanding education, and compassionate care. Partners in Pediatrics is a remarkable environment in which individuals are cherished for their unique contributions and nurtured in their developing humanity.

Our Vision Statement
To live in integrity means adhering in thought, word and deed to high ethical principles. Further, it means the recognition of when one is not living in integrity and taking steps to return to integrity. High ethical principles include, but are not limited to:
Being truthful
Being generous
Being compassionate
Being fully present
Being genuine
Being courageous
Holding oneself accountable
Being committed to seeking greater knowledge

PIP Vaccine Philosophy

Vaccines are a topic of much media and parental attention. Learn more here about the Partners in Pediatrics vaccination philosophy. Read More

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