"...to empower families to make healthy decisions for the optimal well-being of their children"
Expectant Families
We would be honored to be chosen as your family's pediatric practice. We look forward to the opportunity to serve patients and their families. Strong trends in healthcare are the practice of integrated medicine as part of "holistic care", something we have proudly been practicing for a number of years. The more you understand about our practice and our approach, the more confident you will be in selecting us as your partner for the care of your children. 

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 Video Introduction 
We are delighted you dropped by. Please take a minute to watch our introductory video where you will hear Dr. Emily Granath describe why Partners In Pediatrics is the place where she has chosen to pursue the perfect marriage of caring for children and practicing medicine. Please peruse our site, then let us know how we can serve you and your child.
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Tasty, Fun, and Healthy Holiday Snacks
With all the sweets and indulgent snacks around this season, please continue to encourage your children to eat their veggies and try to shop for whole, less-processed foods for your home. Here are a few kid-friendly healthy snack ideas for the holiday season that are also fun to make:

Find some fun recipes in the special topic below.

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